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BMS & WIS After School Enrichment Program : WINTER 2018

The M. G. Williams & BMS schools are offering an After School Program which will run from Tuesday, Jan. 16th and run for 7 weeks. Classes are one day per week. Log on to and click on Enrichment Program to enter payment. Space is limited and sign up is on a first come, first served basis. If classes are cancelled due to inclement weather make ups will be scheduled, depending on the availability of the instructor. Registration ends Jan. 11th or when classes are filled.

Attach the proof of payment to the registration form (found on back) and send it back to WIS or BMS main office (ATTN: Mrs. Power) within one day of paying for the class online. Your child WILL NOT be registered if we do not receive proof of payment attached to the registration form.

*No classes held on March 7th the ½ day


You’re Chopped!- TUES.       Limit 12          Grades 4, 5 & 6          Mrs. Needham            2:50-4:15     

Reg. Fee $75.00     Just like the TV show, you will open a basket of ingredients and make a creative dish in 30 minutes or less. You will be judged on the food presentation, creativity and taste. Bon Appetite!   

You’re Chopped!- WED.       Limit 12          Grades 5, 6 & 7          Mrs. Needham           2:50-4:15

Reg. Fee $75.00    Same as above 


Grade Lego Robotics for Boys & Girls- Tues.      Limit 8        Gr. 6, 7 & 8 Only         G311 at HS

Reg. Fee $85.00        Miss Kelliher                        Students in grades 6 & 7 can take a tier one bus

Join with friends and learn how to build and program robots made entirely of Legos!           Work in teams of two and create a robot that performs tasks that you choose!  2:50-4:00  Pick up at the High School


Art & Me- Wed.    Limit 12    Grades 5, 6 & 7    Mrs. DeVincenzo/Mrs. Morrison           N101

Reg. Fee $70.00   This is a unique art class that includes greeting card art, scrapbooking and creative projects all designed with photos of “me, my family and friends”. Memories are meant to be shared – so print those photos from your cell phones, you have holiday, birthdays and special occasions to print, and let your child use them to create treasured gifts that will last a lifetime!    Class ends at 3:50


Top Chef Workshop- Wed.   Limit 12   Gr. 6, 7 & 8   Mrs. Pedersen   At the High School     2:50-4:15

Reg. Fee $75.00    Do you like helping out in the kitchen? Do you want to learn more and become the top chef in the kitchen? This class will give you the culinary skills you need to become a confident, creative cook. You will learn proper knife skills, meal preparation, nutrition information and even learn how to budget. Join this class and develop your culinary expertise!  WIS students can take a tier 1 bus to H.S.


Babysitting Biz – Thurs.   Gr. 4 thru 7                Limit 16               Mrs. Needham                2:50-3:50          

Reg. Fee $70.00    Learn all about babysitting from first aid to emergency situations. Learn how to entertain and take care of infants and toddlers. There is much to learn about becoming a responsible caretaker. A certificate of attendance will be supplied at the conclusion.  


Indoor Sports- for grades 4, 5 & 6- Thurs.              Limit 18           Mr. MacDonald                        Gym

Reg. Fee $70.00   Play a variety of team sports and games with your friends, including basketball, kickball and more.  2:50-3:50      *NOTE – no class held on Feb. 1st, the last class will be held on March 15th                               


Wicked Gross Science with Ms. Ahearn-Burnett-Thurs.   Limit 16   Gr. 5 & 6 Only   2:50-4:00     N203 

Reg. Fee $70.00    Come join the fun and be educationally challenged in the class as we engage in unique and messy activities. You’ll make play dough, slime, and use gases to fill balloons. This will spark your inner genius and have you rolling with laughter!  P.S. Not for those who don’t love a mess!


Questions can be e-mailed to Mrs. Power at




To avoid any confusion, we ask that you please have your child bring a note if they wish to be excused from the program or would like to leave early for any reason.   If your child is present in school but does not attend their Enrichment class we will try to contact you, so please send a note with your child if they are to be excused from After School Activities.  Please attach proof of payment to this slip and return it to school (ATTN: Dianne Power) within one day of paying the online registration fee, as this completes the registration process. Your child WILL NOT be registered if proof of payment is not attached. Your child will receive an enrollment notice. Space is limited, registration is on a first come, first served basis for paid classes. Your child is welcome to take more than one class if there is space. Please list only one child per registration form. * There are no refunds once classes have begun.


 Name of class you wish to take


_______________________________________                        Which day_____________________ Fee paid $_________

And/or___________________________________    Which day _____________________Fee paid $_________

 Print last name of person who paid online registration fee _______________________________________          

                                                                                                                                                                             Go to

 Please check off how your child will get home   Walker ____     Parent/Guardian pickup _____     BASE _____

Please have your child’s ride arrive promptly at the end of their class




Student Name_________________________________________Gr. _______    Date of Birth _______________

HM/RM Teacher __________________________________       Bus # ________

Parent Cell Phone # ____________________________  

Name of 2nd Contact Person: ______________________________Cell # _________________________


My Child has the following medical condition that may require immediate attention (911) during before/after school programs or athletics (please circle):

                ASTHMA____                   DIABETES____                  SEIZURES ____                 FOOD ALLERGIES____

Please be aware that my child has the following allergies (food or other):


*Note:  School nurse is not present during before/after school programs & the nurse’s office is locked


CHILD HAS A PRESCRIBED ____ EPI-PEN or ____ EPI-PEN Jr. TO BE ADMINISTERED   & has it with him/her

Other health related instructions: __________________________________________________________________



I verify my child has no prior injuries that would prevent him/her from participating in after school sports activities.




Parent/Guardian Signature ________________________________________Date _____________


E-Mail _____________________________________________________PROOF OF PAYMENT ATTACHED ____ YES


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